Area Artist: Steve Osman


Artists Statement

Steve Osman was honored to be featured in the first cultural pages of the website, Yellowstone Geographic. Having spent the last 11 years away from his home in the Rockies, in a country that is smaller than the entire geographic area represented here, he is more appreciative than ever of it's great diversity, scale, and drama. Art can be a celebration of place, people, animals, and their historical interaction. Like Thomas Moran's images of Yellowstone, that vision can be used to illuminate a treasure and save it. Where as Moran's art enticed and educated Congress and the people of the East with images on canvas and paper, we now have digital media, sounds, and words that connect the world to our complex and beautiful backyard.
Buffalo Bill 36 in. x 36 in. oak, commissioned for private residence in Cody, Wyoming  
Unfortunately, exploitation often follows hard on the heels of a treasure being discovered. Also, artists also must do their part to ensure that the sources of their inspiration are not lost to ignorance, mismanagement, and greed. He hopes to take his future art into the the public landscape, to collaborate with others who would speakout, dance and sing, make art, and create a culture impact that honors the gift we have been given to live here and share this great place.
  Whooping Cranes 24 in. x 48 in. white oak, in private collection

More Artwork

Zuni Indian Woman 24 in. x 36 in. oak, private collection Eagles Rest two 10 ft. doors in oak, commission for private residence Trumepter Swans 6 ft. x 12 ft. in white pine, a mural commissioned for a hotel in Jackson, Wyoming


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